Jeanne is a photographer based in Paris.  

Her signature style is characterized by a mixture of two photographic genres : fashion and documentary. Inspired by her models, she uses the esthetics and tools of fashion photography to tell stories and interpret the world in her own way.

Jeanne grew up in a small french town where access to culture and fashion was limited compared to Paris. As she has always dreamed of photographing fashion campaigns for renowned magazines, she worked hard to move to Paris to pursue her dreams.

She is a dedicated photographer who challenges herself to get the photos she envisions while continuously pushing her limits.

Today, Jeanne works for a few magazines and wants to do several exhibitions.

She will also release her book “Youles” about the economic-sexual exchange in France, inspired by the people involved.

Book to be released soon.

Her clients :

Jonak, ODDA Magazine, Simone à Bordeaux, Bombers, Albertine Swim, Zigzag, Glamcult, The Collector Magazine, BeckSondergaard, MKT Studio, Sonath, Simonie, Sinequanone, Leon&Harper, Love Stories Intimate, Not Your Girl, Lingerie La Nouvelle, Le Ritz Paris, Hôtel Madame Rêve, Zalie Bijoux, Salut Beauté, L’Accroche Coeur, Graazie...