Jeanne is a photographer based in Paris.

She realized different personal projects that were quickly published in several magazines.

As her collaborations progress, she integrates a documentary dimension to her images by taking an interest in different subjects that question her, like her project Youles on the economic-sexual exchanges in France on which she has been working for three years, inspired by the people involved.

Always on the edge between documentary photography and fashion photography, she borrows from each of them their codes to better overcome them.
This tension is the cornerstone that defines her approach.
We never know if we are on the side of the staging or the reality, questioning the finality of the image.

She will join the Ôpos agency in January 2023.

Client list includes Maison Labiche, Who’s Next, Publicis, Jonak, ODDA Magazine, C41, Teeth Magazine, La Bon Marché, Le Ritz Paris, Bonanza, Salut Beauté, Love Stories Intimate, Oh My Cream, Bonanza...

Represented by Labô - Ôpos Management